Evil Alliances

Session Six

Players started off in the woods, horses freshly rescued from Gnolls. On their way back to Three Pines Ford they narrowly escaped an adult green dragon. They also saw the family of the ogre they killed. The child ogre was crying over the death of his parent, the other ogre was eating Eol’s horse. Players arrived at night and promptly took a well deserved rest after a long day of riding. The next morning, word must have gotten out that the new Captain had made it back because protesters had formed out in front of the Guard Barracks. A dragonborn named Balasar, having just arrived in town, was curious about why all the townspeople were in such an uproar. While talking players were interrupted with news of the orphan boy’s (who the Orphan Matron has started calling Bear) kidnapping. They quickly (and nonlethally) defeated Bear’s kidnappers. Later, players were asked to gather food for a feast to honor them and their accomplishments (killing Thrott, defending the town, etc). They brought back plenty of boar and fish. During the feast, the Mayor gave a speech backing Hared as Guard Captain.

Honorable Mentions

  • Frog Voltron
  • Gas-lighting Sweeny with frogs
  • Balasar got super drunk


bherrin26 bherrin26

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