Evil Alliances

Session Four

Players defeated Thrott and his camp. They “recruited” Johnson and he is currently scouting out Bazur’s camp. Thrott was interrogated and gave some more specific information than had already been gathered. He also revealed name and location of the next orc leader, Perguth. Kota solved the puzzle that opened the treasure vault.


206 gp
2x silver ewer
2x small gold bracelet
2x small mirror in a painted wooden frame
embroidered silk handkerchief (Kota took this before leaving the party)
copper chalice with silver filigree
pair of engraved bone dice
black velvet mask w/ silver threaded stitching
Longsword of Vengeance
Helm of Telepathy
+1 shortbow
Trident of Fish Command


bherrin26 bherrin26

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