Evil Alliances

Session Two

Players determined that Guard Endrin’s family was kidnapped and he was forced to let the orcs invade the town through the secret tunnel. Players helped rescue Endrin’s family from their captors. They were being held at an abandoned warehouse at the docks.

This session was also where players decided to frame Sweeny for letting the orcs into town. Micah was vocally upset about this and was given the option to be removed from the guard or go on a scouting mission to Rolsar’s Coffer. He chose to go on the scouting mission. Endrin was also privy to the framing of the now former Captain and chose to let it go and say nothing because it gets him off the hook. Hared is now the Guard Captain. This has angered a lot of townspeople and guards alike because they are all racist against orcs. A speech was given by Eol and Hared to the rest of the guard announcing Sweeny’s “betrayal” and Hared’s promotion from nobody to Guard Captain.

Players learned the details of who “The Orphaned” is and learned the location of one of the orc clan leaders. His name is Thrott and he is the weakest of the three orc clan leaders.

Players finished the session having just killed the ogre that had taken up residence at an abandoned farmhouse.


7 Lapis lazuli (worth 10 gp each)
Potion of Mind Reading (detect thoughts spell / DC 13)
Potion of Stone Giant Strength (23 Str)
Folding Boat
Quaal’s Feather Tree Token


bherrin26 bherrin26

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